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domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Switching to GNOME?!?

Things DO change. After years using KDE exclusively, I've now switched to GNOME both at work and at home.
My complaint has always been that GNOME was ugly.
However, the Ayatana guys (which are responsive to the appearance of Ubuntu) are doing a remarkable job.
I had kind of getting a bit upset a bit with KDE, and after installing KDE 4.5 on Kubuntu Lucid, a Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM started to feel sluggish... That was too much... Kwin, for example, was always using about 15% CPU, even when nothing special was happening.
There was nothing which I had really liked in KDE 4.5, for me, it was only slower!
So I decided to give Ubuntu Lucid a try, and liked it!
So far so good. Let's see how much will I stick with it...