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sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Yet another Internet Explorer issue: Java applets created by JavaScript

In Cyclos, I've been working to implement support for printing in a local receipt printer.
We found the jZebra project which is a Java applet that prints in a receipt printer on the local computer.
So, as this is an optional feature, and will only be used by few users, we didn't want to load the applet on every page. Instead, only when the user clicks print, the applet tag is created and appended to the document with JavaScript (using document.createElement("applet") and friends).
Then, the usual sequence:
  • Test in Firefox: check.
  • Test in Chrome: check.
  • Test in Opera: check.
  • Find a computer running windows somewhere to test in Internet Exporer: fail.
Why I wasn't surprised?
When adding the applet through JavaScript, MSIE somehow doesn't makes the public applet methods visible for JavaScript. So, no .findPrinter(), no .append(), no .print(). 
Result? As this feature won't be used by most users, we decided to disable it on MSIE, at least until some workaround is found. ..

What a revange!

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Jaiminho disse...

Cool. (not the issue, but the applet) :) (btw: ie suckz)